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Never been on a honeymoon? Well neither have I...

And this is what I have to say about it:

For years I had a list saved in my phone of all the potential places I wanted to travel to with my partner on our future honeymoon traveling adventure. Greece, Italy, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Jordan, Bali.

When I broke up with my Ex in 2020, the honeymoon vision seemed further away than ever.

After a few months of healing, I decided to stop waiting for external permission to go to a country that was on my list. I realised that I don’t need to save my dream honeymoon destinations for a distant point in the future.

This life is for living and I can grant myself permission to start traveling when I feel like it!

Since then, I’ve ticking off my dream destinations. So far I have been to Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Lake Como and I am so happy that I didn’t wait around and delay these experiences.

Last year when I saw an advert for a retreat in Jordan, one of the destinations I had been planning to travel to with my Ex. It felt almost wrong to go on this trip without him, but I decided that I was ready. I signed up for the retreat. It was a big decision for me, but it felt so empowering.

My time in Jordan was magical and when I was there I didn’t think for even one minute about the fact I ‘should’ have been there with a partner on our honeymoon.

I was too busy having the time of my life, meeting new people and making memories that I will never forget. I had such an incredible experience there, that I decided it was going to be the destination for my very first coaching retreat.

Are you ready to ditch your honeymoon waiting period and go to a dream destination now?

You are officially invited to The Reclaim Retreat: a week-long immersive retreat, where we will spend a luxurious week exploring the magical land of Jordan and we will guide you through a journey of inner connection, rest and relaxation, and personal wellness.

A combination of powerful coaching workshops, women’s circles, transformational breath work taking place in a special setting with incredible terrain, spectacular sunsets and a chance to explore the Middle East.

A unique opportunity to come back to who you truly are, take time to reset and restore, and be supported by a group of like-minded women who are also devoted to diving into personal development work.

RECHARGE your body, REFRAME your mind, RECLAIM your year.

Taking place in the magical country of Jordan, we will be spending most of the retreat in beautiful Aqaba, on the Gulf of the Red Sea, with excursions to Petra and an overnight stay in the magical desert of Wadi Rum.

Limited spots are available, click here for more details.

Because we don't need to wait for anybody to whisk us away on a honeymoon when we have the power to do that all by ourselves!

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