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Your business is GOLD, and now it's time for the world to know

Learn the foundation skills you need to build an aligned and successful business in just 6 weeks.

Doors Now Open for October Group


The Gold group course is an immersive live course designed for small business owners and freelancers who are ready to step up in their businesses.

Designed to support you to enjoy your life as a solopreneur, and step into your role as a business owner in the most authentic and empowering way.

A group where the focus is how to best serve your clients, whilst enjoying the journey of growing your business and taking it to the next level of success.

leaves shadows

Getting started as a business-owner can be a huge learning curve.

You do not need to do it alone. 

At the Beach

Do you truly believe in your business, but something isn't clicking?

Are you struggling to sign clients?

Not showing up and selling your offer consistently?

Doubting that this path is the right one for you?

I see solopreneurs making the same mistake time and time again, just like I did when I first started out, and that’s why I have created a foundation course to teach you the skills I wish I had when I started out.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

You have an offer that you want to put out in the world, but you are struggling to market and sell it

You want to be able to lead your business with confidence, but you are struggling with imposter syndrome. You are asking yourself "Why would I be able to make this work?"

You know you want to show up more on social media to build a community, but you aren’t actually doing it.

You feel like you are doing this all alone and you would like guidance, support  and community on your entrepreneurial journey.

You feel stuck and want to take action, but you aren’t sure where to start.

You find it hard to structure your working days and weeks and struggle with productivity.

You find it hard to make decisions in your business and have recently been stuck in the same position and not taking actions to move forward.

You are overwhelmed with how much there is to do and how many options there are for what to invest in and you would like a course that can cover a variety of topics.

If yes, it is time to accept that you don't need to do this alone, and learn the foundation skills that will take your business from a burden to a successful money-making entity.

Are you ready to step up?

Headshot - Sarah Biscuiteers (1).jpeg

"After just a few weeks of working with Emma, I started to completely turn my life around! I quit my job and started on my entrepreneurial journey - something I’d dreamed of for years! I trusted myself, had my own back, and made decisions that were right for ME, without needing approval for others. I really looked forward to my weekly sessions as Emma is just so great to talk to - it was amazing to have someone so knowledgable (and fun!) to speak with every single week."

-Sarah, 29

Pink Gradient

I have created a foundations course that I would have loved to have when I was starting my entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s why:

When you first start out there are so many new skills you need to build, it’s impossible to know where to start. As a solopreneur, you are responsible for every aspect of your business, from the accounting to finding and signing clients- yet for most people, they aren’t fully rounded in all of these areas.

Knowing the first thing to learn and the first steps to take is almost impossible, not to forget the fact we are bombarded with every type of business coach telling us to invest in their program to hit $10k months.

At this point in my business journey, I had no idea what to do and who to turn to. What I really needed was a well-rounded business course that would give me the foundational skills I needed to get out of my own head, have confidence to market and sell myself to my target audience and make decisions in a calm way. 


I made the mistake of running into the fire, trying to go it alone. without working on the two things that are necessary to build a strong and sustainable business: Your nervous system and your mindset.


I want you to imagine that your business is your home and you are building it from scratch. You need to have the strongest foundation possible in order that the house won’t fall down when a strong gust of wind comes. 


In fact, the first time I tried to become a solopreneur, I didn't successfully build a strong foundation, and it failed and I went back to being employed. In hindsight I know this was because I didn’t have the basic skills that it takes to get a business off the ground. 

This is why I have created this group, so that you don't have to make the mistakes that I did.


So you can build a sustainable, aligned and succcessful business that is aligned and authentic to you. 

Are you ready to stop struggling and start building?

Women are at their most powerful when they come together.

Collectively we will come together and support each other to make big life changes. 


A powerful group of women coming together to support each other by sharing input and advice with one another. We will expand each other, uplift each other and hold each other, making sure that every single person will be seen and heard.


Every person in this group is on the same mission: to build an aligned and authentic business. As a group we will support each other and share our journeys, which will allow us to make new connections and professional and personal connections.


A 100% safe, inclusive space where you can be fully yourself, unapologetically. This is a room where you will receive resources so that you can grow and develop effectively and become a stronger, better version of yourself.

sea waves

You don’t have to stay stuck in your business and wait for something to change and someone to rescue you.

This course will allow you to:

Establish a business based on your values 
Make CEO decisions and step into a new, empowered mindset.
See tangible results by signing more clients and making more money.

I think you are here for a reason

I’m the first one to admit that running your business is hard. Social Media is flooded with other business-owners showing off their wins and how much they earn per month.


But very few people understand what it really takes to run a business. Business coaches entice you with shiny coaching offers, but they don’t get to the core of what it really takes to make your business work. 


The work you have to do on yourself to stay calm and focused, to build confidence, to maximize your productivity and to make CEO decisions.


I have been where you are right now. You see other business owners running their businesses and you are comparing yourself to them. You don’t truly believe that you have what it takes to make it work, but you desire the life that being self-employed will bring. 


You are hiding in your business. You want to tell people about your offer and show up on social media, but something isn’t clicking. You have a fear of what other will think, so you are playing small. 


If you are ready to stop playing small, this course is for you.

"I will always have Emma to thank for getting my coaching and human design business off the ground. When I first met Emma - I was so passionate about human design and coaching. I wanted to get started but I was still hiding in the shadows, only doing free sessions for those around me. I was too scared of being seen, was afraid of leaving my stable job and I didn’t have the confidence to take on coaching clients with full integrity. Emma quite literally taught me how to show up for myself on Instagram, helped me work through releasing my older unaligned career and work through any shadows of not wanting to be seen as my real self. She gave me the confidence and practical tools to work through any feelings of not being ready, and also life coached me along the way. Emma creates such an open, judgement-free space where I could talk freely and honestly. I  felt so supported taking the career leap to coaching. She helped me launch my first group workshop where I had 20 people attend, and helped me gain my first long term client. And now - I work full time as a Human Design coach. I love my job (hardly feels like a job), my clients and really thank Emma for being a massive inspiration, vision holder and support. Emma cares deeply about her clients, and you feel it! I will always be so grateful for helping give me the confidence to get started and help me to come out of hiding. Thank you for everything Emma!"

-Hillary, 30

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This course is made for you if:

You are a solopreneur working as a coach, consultant, service-provider and you are currently working either full or part time.

You are fed-up with doing it alone and would like support and guidance to build your business.

You are craving connection with other entrepreneurs who are at similar stages of their journey to you.

You are READY to invest in yourself: time, energy & money.

You are willing to put in work to show up for yourself.

You are ready to invest in your business, because you know it will be worth it when it’s succeeding.


You don’t want to build your business at the sacrifice of your mental health. You know it’s important to you to still have time for yourself.

You know you have the drive and skills to be successful, and it’s just a matter of time and next steps until you will grow.

You feel that being around other women is something to lift you up and embrace (we aren’t in high school cliques in this group and sisterhood is very important).

Who I am

Over the past six years, I have built my business from the ground up to a fully-booked life coaching business, with no prior business knowledge. Starting off part-time, I have now worked full-time in my business for over two years, earning more than I ever did as a salaried employee.


I have created a community of tens of thousands of people and I have created a life around my business and inside of it that I am proud of. I did all of this whilst navigating my own turning 30 journey.

During this time I have: 

Left a career that I knew wasn’t fulfilling me, that I had wanted to leave for years

Followed my dream to create a fully-booked coaching business that I know is my true calling

Ended a four-year relationship that wasn’t serving me to embrace being single and dating in my mid-thirties

Moved in to my dream apartment to live alone and became fully self-sufficient in every sense of the word

Spent my winter on the beaches of Mexico and Costa Rica, working as a digital nomad 

Developed a consistent balanced routine, including daily journaling and a yoga practice (29 year old me did not exercise AT ALL!)

Full confidence that I am on the right path and I can coach myself through anything that life brings my way

Chosen to live a life that feels right for me, embracing who I am and not being afraid to strive for more instead of settle for less

These results are a culmination of investing in my own coaching, developing tools and skills over time to create this life that I love. My mission now is to share the business skills that I have cultivated with those of you who are ready to have an authentic business, just like mine.


My Clients

I have taken these tools and worked with over 100 women in their thirties to help go through huge life transitions and reach their personal goals. 

I have helped so many of these clients start their own businesses, including:

General Life Coaches

butterfly illustration

Career Coaches

butterfly illustration

Human Design Coaches

butterfly illustration

Yoga Teachers

butterfly illustration

Marketing Consultants

butterfly illustration

PR Consultants

butterfly illustration

Graphic Designers

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Event Consultants

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Money Mindset Coaches

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Nutrition and Fitness Coaches

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sea waves


I have worked with over 100 women in their thirties to help go through huge life transitions and reach their personal goals whilst building a strong and successful community and personal brand. 

turning 30 coach

“I feel in a completely different place mindset-wise now vs the beginning of the program. I highly recommend if you are at a life crossroads!”

- Karli, 32

Hear it from them:

Headshot - Sarah Biscuiteers (1).jpeg

“After just a few weeks of working with Emma, I started to completely turn my life around! I quit my job and started on my entrepreneurial journey - something I’d dreamed of for years! I trusted myself, had my own back, and made decisions that were right for ME, without needing approval for others.” 

- Sarah, 29

turning 30 coach

“Having completed the programme. I feel like a completely different person. I was fearful, insecure, anxious and fearful. Now I'm calm, more confident, and look at uncomfortable situations with a growth mindset.”

- Kam, 30

Inside the course 

The group is a 6 week live group course:

6 x 60 minute live weekly masterclasses 

6 x 30 minute Q&A sessions

Exclusive interactive community forum

Corresponding pdf materials and worksheets

Access to The Next Chapter foundations course which includes: 

  • Self-Study Modules 

  • 100-page Workbook 

  • Workshop Recordings on Turning 30 Concepts

Bonus Guest Speaker Sessions




Creating the vision of the CEO you want to become

  • Business Values 

  • Future You Activity

  • Goal-setting 

  • Nervous System Regulation as a business owner


How to come out of hiding to market your business

  • Working through fear of exposing yourself on social media

  • How to tap into your own marketing genius 

  • Desires v Fear when it comes to growing your business

  • Creating your own business assets and not copying others


How to develop your self-worth so that you can sell and create offers that people will want.

  • How to price your offer

  • Creating your offer 

  • Setting boundaries in your business

  • How to sell and let clients come to you


How to act like a CEO

  • Testing and Evaluation of offers

  • CEO v Employee mindset

  • How to fail

  • How to make business decisions


How to maximize your work schedule and optimize your productivity.

  • Setting up your calendar for success

  • Working in accordance with your energy levels

  • Managing your to-do list

  • Self-boundaries


In the community forum we will decide together which topic we want to take a deep dive into and I will create a tailored workshop on this!

Here's what you'll get:


Live Workshops

In six live masterclasses that will run once per week, I will teach you the business foundation skills you need to run your business.

Each session will start with a 40-60 minute teaching section, followed by a 30-40 minute Q&A interactive session.

turning 30 coach

"After being made redundant from my job and going self-employed in a global pandemic, Emma really helped me with my self-believe and self-esteem at a time when I felt like I’d lost my way and my joy. After months of feeling like I didn’t know who I was, Emma helped me get to the core of me, who I am and why I do what I do. At first I thought I was doing this programme for my business and to hit goals but now I realise how much of what I do is based around my mind set and how important it was for me to gain a healthier mindset and find my joy in order for everything else to fall in place!" Karina, 32







6 Live masterclasses

6 Live Q&As with Emma

Supplementary Worksheets 

Exclusive community forum

Bonus workshops 

60 minute business strategy call (For first ten sign-ups)







6 Live masterclasses

6 Live Q&As with Emma

Supplementary Worksheets 

Exclusive community forum

Bonus workshops 

60 minute business strategy call (For first ten sign-ups)

Image by Kier In Sight

Want to sign up, but you’re having some doubts?

Here’s some things that can help you to decide:

Book a free 15 minute consultation with Emma to ask any questions and see if the course is a good fit for you.

Reach out directly to Emma on Instagram @turning30coach with your questions

Frequently Asked Questions


About the Program

About You

“Emma helped me gain more confidence in my choices and my intuition. She helped me detach from choices and realise that there are no right or wrong paths, but rather the one that feels right for me right now. I’ve always struggled with doubt and over-rationalising situations, which led me to inaction. Thanks to our sessions I am able to trust myself more and be a more proactive player in my life. Living in this way gives me so much more energy, hope and trust. We also worked on the limiting beliefs I have concerning what’s holding me back from working as an independent and today I am really excited about the possibilities ahead and the choices I am making!”

- Ornella, 27

Are you ready to share your GOLD?

The October course is now open.

Once you have completed your payment, you will be given immediate access to the Gold Course Portal with details of the next steps.

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