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Turn 30 and feel…


Helping you to create your best decade yet. Are you ready?

turning 30 coach
turning 30 coach
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turning 30 coach

Let go of how you think your life should look by now

Break free from what society says you 'should' do, and live a life that is unapologetically yours. 

There is a myth that our lives should look a certain way by the time we reach our thirties, hitting milestones and ticking the boxes. Marriage, mortgage, a good secure paycheck. Maybe you don’t have these things yet, or maybe you don’t even want them. Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with you. I’m here to show you that you can live your thirties on your own terms. No questions asked.

You are not behind

Your age does not define the limit of your life.

We don’t all ‘do life’ in the same order, at the same time. Each of us is on our own path. Wave goodbye to the timelines and the ‘shoulds’, and get in alignment with your authentic-self. Trust your own timing. 

turning 30 coach

Work with Emma

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Build your Next Chapter

Are you ready to make your thirties your best chapter yet?

Build your next chapter with my self-study coaching courses with instant access to immersive coaching tools and interactive communities.


Turning 30 Podcast

Real-life stories of 30-somethings navigating the ups and downs of adulthood, reflecting on their twenties and revealing the truth about what being in your thirties is all about. Each episode is a chance to learn more about growing-up, the good times, the not so good, and all the lessons learnt in between.


Free Journal Guide

Ready to start taking action now?

Download your free journal guide and already start implementing journaling into your routine today.

turning 30 coach
turning 30 coach
turning 30 coach
turning 30 coach
turning 30 coach
turning 30 coach

Hi, I'm Emma

As the first ever official Turning 30 Coach, my mission is to help women in their late-twenties and thirties get unstuck, feel better and be more confident at 30.

After my own Turning 30 crisis at age 29, I discovered life coaching. I learnt how to take responsibility for myself, accept my journey and manage my mind to create an aligned and authentic life that I love, and my mission is to show you how you can too.

turning 30 coach



"She has helped me feel differently about my life in general. With the intentional model she taught me, I’ve been given a tool to tackle anxious thoughts that aren’t serving me, and I intend to use it."

Turning 30 is a time for:

Discovering who you are


Building Confidence

Setting Boundaries

Making Decisions

Building your next chapter 

Turning 30 is NOT a time for:



Living in the past

Being your own worst enemy 


Feeling ashamed of who you are becoming 

turning 30 coach

“My next birthday will be the first one I can remember where I don't compare myself to others, what my mum/grandma/cousins/friends had achieved by this age, or what society, the media and celebrities tell me I should be doing. Instead I will be celebrating a year in which I grew so much, and feeling ready for the year ahead”

-Hannah, 29

Turning 30 can be a time to celebrate, commiserate or the perfect opportunity to build your next chapter.

What will you decide?

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